About the company

About the owner:

In 1995 Kris Peeraer joined a small engineering and consulting company where he worked as technical sales manager. In 2000 he founded his company K. Peeraer BVBA distributing the POLYTEC optical measurement portfolio in the Benelux and South Africa.

Later the OROS portfolio was added to the Benelux distributorship. Almost 20 years of experience in technical sales, providing products and service in the field of acoustics and vibration resulted in a vast network of satisfied customers.

K.Peeraer BVBA always aimed at bridging knowledge and experience from Industry and academics. With his company Kris Peeraer has supported and organised various workshops and conferences as for instance Measuring By Light,Optimess, Photomechanics, Eurodyn, etc.

Together with POLYTEC he succeeded in giving Laser Vibrometry its prominent place as an optical measurement technique.

In 2009 he took on another challenge and started the company ISISS (Industrial Sensors International Sales and Services). He is now also distributing gauging systems for the metals, plastic and paper all over the world.

After almost 20 years K.Peeraer BVBA will be renamed KonneXXions BV and is merged with ISISS. We are confident that with our new corporate structure we will be able to provide you with even better support and service.

About KonneXXions BV:

KonneXXions BV(K.Peeraer BVBA) specializes in vibration measurement solutions. We are proud to be the exclusive Polytec Benelux and South African distributor for the Laser Doppler Vibrometer portfolio. No matter your measurement need in research, development and production or even for long-term monitoring, there is a Polytec system to provide the answer. This is why we can proudly state that Polytec is the market-leader in Laser Doppler Vibrometry. The systems we provide help to solve your measurement needs reactionless, and with unparalleled precision. To be able to completely facilitate all needs of our clients, we are proud to be the official and exclusive distributor for OROS in the Benelux. OROS provides optimal comprehensive solutions assuring performance, designed to fit the challenges of our clients for Sound & Vibration measurements. OROS collaborates with a network of proven scientific affiliates to offer the latest of the technology, always based on innovation Due to our outstanding relationship with universities and other institutes in the BeNeLux-area we also able to offer tailor-made solutions & products through GaugeMaXX.

Since 10 years our sister company ISISS. (industrial Sensors International Sales & Services) has been the Exclusive Partner in Europe for Jasch LTD-,Metal and Flat Sheet industrial measurement systems and for Indev A.C.T. manufacturing leader of inline web based and control measurement technology. To provide even better service to our customers we have decided to incorporate this division in KonneXXions BV

At KonneXXions BV we are focused on providing our customers the optimal solution where reliability, quality and precision are prime factors. We listen to our customers and analyze their needs together with them . We aim to have an open and honest relationship to our customers. This implicates that we will only engage in projects where we are confident to provide a solution that fits our customers needs.